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In our India the majority of people are youth. Every year many youth is going to be graduate but every one not getting his/her willing job so that’s why they guys are disappoint from his/her own self. There are many women also (house wife) who wanted to earn money for her better future but they don’t get a proper time to do something the reason behind is due some house responsibility & when she get a time then she can’t go out & work. our great prime minister Mr Narendra Modi started digital India concept to for Digitalization in 1 July 2015. Any Indian citizen with an Aadhaar Number can become a Digital Contributor (DC) and perform simple data entry tasks on the DIP.  So by working for 3-4 hours a day, one can easily make approx. 400 rupees per day. So if you are a housewife, student, a shopkeeper, freelancer then you can easily earn around 12-15k per month.Due that concept there are many people are inspired you guys also have a great opportunity to make money from home you have many ways to earn money from home here going to tell you some online platform where you can earn.


MAJOR Ways to earn money from


  • Become a freelancer
  • By doing online surveys ( There are many website who give you online survey jobs so filling some detail you can earn money the website are www.swagbucks.com ,https://www.ipsos.com/, http://www.toluna.com, American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) etc..
  • Learn Stock Market Trading. Special Offer for CashOverflow Readers.
  • Earn Online Money from YouTube.
  • Make Money from Facebook, Instagram.
  • Buy & Sell Domains.
  • Income from Writing Work.
  • Start Blogging to Earn Money Online.
  • start Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, flipkart , shopify, etc..
  • Online Data Entry ( https://www.peopleperhour.com/)

Guys if you want explanation or something so please comment me on comment box surely i will reply with my new blog. There are some topic above that was already i explained in my last blog if you want to take glance of my last blog so here i am going to put a link

  • This is one of the best way where you can earn money with your comfort zone .

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