how to make passive Income ?

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Passive income is a means through which you can easily earn money without any hard work and without any investment. Now a days due to Growing of unemployment many people are not getting job as per his /her requirement. For complete no of student graduating every year in India I took help of government report 2011-12 as per which around every year 30 lacs student graduate every year in India..

And every student not get job as per there want and day per day India also is going to be Digitalize so every person have to aware about this so, we need to think about our future how can we make or generate extra income.

In coming years you guys will do your work from home only you no need to go out for anything So today I am here with some attractive feature and very interesting topic where you can earn extra income while doing your daily and without disturbing work..


1 Network Marketing
2 Blogging
3 Affiliate Marketing
4 E- Commerce
5 E-Books
6 Rental Income
7 YouTube Channel
8 Trading


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Network Marketing If you break this word, then you will be able to understand the meaning of these words like network means ( union, club, organization, or you can say net जाल ) and another one Marketing means ( sales ,business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising ) Network Marketing have another name also which is Multi-level-Marketing .

In simple words, if I want to say, I will ask you to earn money by creating network and marketing yourself and group of that particular product or company. This is the best way where you can make money easily by helping each other.

In our community there are many people who don’t have money for starting any type of business so, network marketing is the of the best way where you and any other people can start business without investing anything .

There are many types Network Marketing companies we have in market so you have to select a best company for your self which will help to achieve your goal.

Here we list…

1 Mi lifestyle
2 Amway India
3 Herbal life
4 Forever living
5 ModiCare
6 Vestige
7 Avon


blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. Blog is nothing but regularly updated pages or website which will help to the people for his/her related query like News. News is very important factor of any country. So, if you want a good blog so you have to write and daily basis to your blog.

Through blogging you can share your idea and learn more with the world without investing anything .

There are many blogging platform where you can do the blogging if you want to start a blog then you are think great so here I am going to share you the link..



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Affiliate Marketing

Now a days every things is going to be digitalized so also need to upgrade are self for earn money online if you are going to see there are many way to earn money online but one of the best way to earn money online is affiliate program is refer where sites pay commission to affiliates who send traffic to their site for increase sale.

There are many shopping site who giving its free affiliate where can you go and sign up your id for creating affiliate you just need one blog or website. it’s very easy to access.After generating your affiliate you can advertise your product on your website or blog if anyone buying something from your reference then you will get something commission which will be directly created in your account.

Most of the people generating his income from affiliate marketing there are many company who issue his affiliate here i am going to tell you some topic like .

1 Amazon Affiliate
2 Flipkart Affiliate
3 Shopify Affiliate
4 Blue host Affiliate
5 Dream host Affiliate


E-commerce means electronic commerce it means you are doing your all business online thought this e-commerce you can also create an online store and start selling your products and earn money at wide level.
Now a days everyone is using internet so you have a great opportunity to make money online it very easy to start.
Here we have six basic type of e-commerce Industry.

1 B2B ( Business to Business )
2 B2C ( Business to consumer )
3 C2C ( Customer to Consumer
4 B2A ( Business to administrator )
5 C2A ( Customer to administrator )
6 C2B ( customer to Business )



E-book is the one of best way to make money online .

If your are writing a blog so this very good news for you to make an extra income from e-books there are many platform from where you can take e-books an advertise on your blog if from your visitor or any person buying that particular book then you will get commission on it ..

blogger have a great opportunity to sell e-books . whatever topic you have for blogging you can start promoting that type of books on your blog.

or you can generate online store also where you can easily setup your shop and start selling the books to the learner.

here you don’t have to invest something this method is absolutely free.


Rental Income is nothing but the amount which is collected by the landlord from his tenants or group of tenants using a particular space .

If you see the rental means (give on rent) Income i think don’t have to explain this word.

Now a days this rental income way is very much popular if you don’t want to anything if you are not educated also then this is the best option you have. There are many landlord who make or purchase his own house and give them to the tenants on monthly basis freight.

you can also do it by easily .

7 : YouTube Channel


YouTube is the biggest platform where you can share your ideas ,thought etc.. by making or uploading videos on youtube if you have any type of talent like teaching , acting , singing , gaming , leadership , cooking , etc.. any type you need to just make a video and upload on it. There is no age limit and not matter a gender quality this is one of the place. where you will get equal treatment. No one interfere with your work. You can work according to your desired time management. If I say so, then I will give the name of this work is business. you can work any time anywhere with anyone. If i am going try to break and understand the meaning of YouTube. Then you that means me and tube that means funnel , pipe you can say where you can express your self.

How to create channel on YouTube ?

So lets create channel on YouTube it is very easy and quick like you are creating Facebook account that much of simple here I am going to tell you the procedure.

  • first you need to open the google and type
  • After that you will came on YouTube home page.
  • After that at the right hand side upper level corner of the page will get sign in option you need to click on sign in.
  • After that with the help of your email id and password.
  • Then you will get new page where you will ask for your channel name and description about your channel
  • After that as per want you can select your profile picture
  • And start uploading video on your channel.

After that I will tell about the whole story of YouTube and YouTubers There are many Interesting and inspiring stories. 


image trading

We all know about the trading i.e. buying and selling of security there are many types of trading happen in India.

As starter you can start investing in Mutual fund  you guys are watching ads of mutual fund on your TV on daily basis Its risky but once you understand the thing where you want invest then you can easily operate it.

Now a days SIP ( systematic Investment  plan ) very popular where you will get higher return it  it depend upon your plan if you are going to take for long term plan then you will higher  return on it.

Here we have some mutual funds

1 Equity fund
2 Index fund
4 Debt fund
5 Government bond
6 And more.

And here we some types of trading also as below 


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