What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a model for selling any product It is also used without any publicity and advertising. This entire business depends on the sales from person to person by the dependent representative, in this business they are often working from home A network marketing may require to build a partner or salesperson to assist with lead generation for closing sales.

Do you want to start Network Marketing and earn money from it?

Yes, it is possible to earn money by doing both.

network marketing

You also could of one them you can also start. Because many people understand network marketing and getting join for making an effortless world.

Many people join it for different reason like

1 Passive Income
2 For extra income
3 For passion
4 For sharing experience
5 And more.


1 Find your company
2 You just need some documents
an Aadhar card
b Pan card
c Bank details

You have two options for joining online and offline.

But if have proper knowledge about the company plan and policy then only go online otherwise I should suggest you go offline Because this method will help you to more interaction with the about company work environment and more.


Network marketing is a thought-oriented scientific method People know this network marketing by many names like Multi-level-marketing, Network marketing, Channel marketing, Pyramid scheme, channel process, and many more.

But in the last few years, there has been a lot of condemnation and evil due to which there is a fear in the people that this whole industry is bad, we should hate the company which has been fraudulent and not because of some companies from that entire industry. See the person who is not getting success in Network Marketing he will always suggest and tell that don’t do that I have tried it making foolish to the people

The name of the industry has changed, which came with the scheme and the scam, which made a lot of millionaires but it also disappeared overnight, due to which its name has changed.

Attention here guys be aware of there scheme & scam-related company.

Never go with the company who is selling something scheme regularly look at the company environment if the company is always speaking about profit & profit then be careful it can be rob with you.

check it out with the people how they speak, how is there work environment, how people presenting their company if he is always speaking about profit at a whole time then it will rob you.

There are two types of company in the multi-level-marketing ( Network Marketing )

Binary Plan :

Many companies came there with a terrible explosion and made many millionaires and ran away. I would like to give the name of one company.

This types of the company tell you to join the two people below you and tell them to join the two people below you this process will continue to go on and in the process you ask for some joining fees so that the business will move forward.

1 Speak Asia:

This company came to India in 2010 and was a Singaporean company and assured the people that this is a multi-level-marketing pyramid model that is very beneficial for you.

The web membership was sold and in return, the investor had to fill out survey forms, which were later found to be fake, for some multinational companies with an annual payment of Rs 52,000. Promised Tan.

After paying some initial investors, Speak Asia began its operations in India in mid-2011.

The company duped around 24 lakhs investors. The amount of scam went up to  2,276 crores there is n number of cases registered from different states.

you also get many companies in the market which will try to dupe you. But you need to find which company is suitable for you just remember one thing if any company or company person asking for something money at the starting stage then it will dupe you.

 2 Generation Plan :

Among various compensation plans in MLM, the generation plan considered as most important plan. Because of an end number of attributes generation plan is preferred over various other plans. For a newbie in MLM also, the generation plan holds every position.


As I told you before also there is n number of companies in the market. So you need to find the true company for your self.

There are some keywords based on that keyword you can find a better company.

1 People & Philosophy

A] Binding force 
B] People culture
C] Leadership
D] Training & Methodology
E] Learning & Development

A] Binding force

Basically, you have to look at the binding force of the company.
what is the behavior of the company against the people?
Does he keep people tied or not?
How are they motivating people to do more work?

If the company is not following these types of formula then it will be going to be shut or close as soon.

B] People culture

Before going to any company, please confirm how the people there are and how their business is.

Somewhere they do not always talk of profit, if so, they are fooling you.

People & culture is a “fully integrated global talent life cycle” service company that strongly promotes the importance of self-awareness as the platform for all of its developmental training coaching program.

Culture is also how people within the company with each other. Companies are made they’re unique in their culture. for this reason, culture is the key to any company.

If someone tells you that your dreams in network marketing will be fulfilled, then it does not happen, be careful that he is talking to you.

If someone tells you that network marketing from where you can make more profit in 1 or 2 months then he is a fraud person who will dupe you.

No business can make you an overnight millionaire.

C] Leadership

Leadership is a more much important factor in network marketing.

Whether the leader is dealing with you, his communication skills and behavior will decide he is a great leader or not he have the ability to lead the group of people or an organization. specialist literature debate various viewpoints anytime.

There are some leadership features and skills we need in one good leader.

1 Strong communication
2 Passion & commitment
3 positivity
4 Innovation
5 Collaboration
6 Have a sense of humor
7 And more.

1 Planning
2 Capacity to lead
3 Resourcefulness
4 Commitment
5 Adaptability
6 Honesty
7 Creativity
8 Seeks knowledge

D] Training & Methodology

Training & Methodology is a matter in any company what type of method they are using for training & all.

A workbook is an object where humans doing there daily routine what kind of role he/her playing for the company & for you also he is in from implementation or something from another department.

A case study is of the biggest tools to get highly motivated. It helps you to make your image anywhere. In our society, there are many legends we have you can take any of example one of them.

This is more matter how you leap into the world. The word leap means to jump, spring a long way, to a great height,  or with a great force, this will help to your follower get motivated by you that how is passionate about your work.

If you don’t have knowledge about that particular industry then nobody respected. Here in network marketing, one of the most important things is that even if you do not get money, you can earn a lot of money in the future from what you will get.

And after getting knowledge how you are representing them on the front of people or on the stage. your presentation will decide what kind of training you got.

E] Learning & Development

Network Marketing is the only way which will help you to learn more from more people and you will get learn many things in this society. Network marketing teaches you the leadership, network marketing make you public speaker it increases your communication, confidence, Team management and help you to how to behave with different people in a different condition, stages & many more things you will get learn

I should suggest that every person should join network marketing once in life, not only for money but also for learning, it teaches us a new way of living.

2020-03-24 (6)

In the above chart, I am trying to explain both platforms. In the network marketing, you are working without any salary but once you set up your platform then you will make a profit not fix salary and this is only of the most important business in the market where you don’t have to invest something at initial stage or any stage and you will make passive income. It will help you to learn more things from more people and on the other hand, you will get a high salary, high payout, high incentive, HR policies, but the work environment will be the same that will be your active income.


2020-03-24 (8)

2 PRODUCT ( how should be the product )

product images


What kind of products are available in any network marketing company, Are they enjoying them while using them?
Are people liking that product or not?
Is the price of that product more than the price of the normal market?

Are people doing utilization that product daily or not it? It is very important for people to be happy in any product of the company because if the people will happy then only they will buy that product of that particular company.
How is the attitude of people towards buying that product?
And if that company is genuine then it will work keeping in mind the Adoption Curve of Market
Adoption Curve means that in the coming time, which way will the market go or people will like to use which type of product in the coming time.



like this mango tree is network marketing income will treat your wealth-income, not like wheat cultivation.

You only have to invest your talent in network marketing once, after that you don’t have to do much. once you make your team then you don’t have to do anything your team will work for you. You just need to guide your team step by step.

we have some more examples for you.

TOP COURSES IN THE WORLD  Is these courses are easy if you don’t have to believe in your self then can’t do it anything.  If you have believed then you can surely get success in network marketing.


  1. Write your own Cheque

In this network marketing, this is one best part which will attract almost people that is your income is in your hand you can write your own cheque.

2 Safe Job

Network Marketing is your business and nobody can remove you from the company. it means your job will safe here you don’t have to go anywhere.

3  Small investment

Here you can start with small investment at initial you don’t have to invest something there are no registration charges and the fee you can join for free also. After that slowly you can start investing.

4  Freedom of time

Network marketing is where you can do your work as per your time you don’t have to follow the office hour timing i.e. 9 to 5 here you will get all types of freedom such as financial, time, working, etc.

5  Open market

In network marketing, you get such a platform where you can promote yourself by going to any state or any country.

6  Build relation

Network marketing teaches you how to build relationships with each other in this society. In this particular community, you will get many types of people and it teaches you how to deal with them in network marketing.

7  Extreme respect

Here you get such a response that no major leader gets.


( Multi-level-marketing )

If you want to join any network marketing company then you can easily join it.

There is no matter your age criteria whenever you want you can join it if you are a school or college student,  Jobseeker, government officer, corporate office boy, and more. whatever your age you can join it if you are small, young, or senile then also you can easily join it.

This is a world’s biggest platform where you will get extreme respect it doesn’t matter your religion & cast where all people get equal honor it doesn’t matter where you come from.

And one more thing I want to tell you is that in this society your sex does not matter. This is a great opportunity for women because women are always busy with household chores, so they can do extra income by doing it part-time. and your education does also not matter whatever your education is.


Your psycho-physical nature is important before you going into any sector. If your mind is not allowing you to do anything, no matter how much you try, you cannot do that thing.

So before entering any network marketing company, you have to check your psycho-physical nature whether you are going to the wrong place.

Do you have the ability to interact with people and create a good relationship with them? Do you have the quality to be a leader.?

conclusion :

Network Marketing is a very good business that will give an opportunity to start a business with low investment.

One of the most important and good things which I like that is It teaches you many more things like how to build public Relations? how to become a leader? and many more things.

I should suggest to everyone that join the Network Marketing one in life I sure you will definitely get the result.

B.Y.O.B. ( Become your own boss ) with network marketing.



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