Today is the second day of lockdown in India, but there are some people who do not want to follow the lockdown rules but our police is trying to ensure that everyone follow this rule and be safe.

See the source image

our government also trying to help those people who comes under the below poverty line ( BPL) today Rs.1.7 lakh crore relief package issued by our government.

Thousands of people are dying every day. In India also, this disease is on the second stage but it can also come on the third stage.

Here we have a description about how many people in India have been infected with the corona virus.

Total no. number of people infected by corona virus.

Total no. of infected Total no. of Indian  infected Total no. of foreigner infected
649 602 47

See how  many people are recovered and dead…

Recovered Death
43 14

have look at state wise

Maharashtra 124
Kerala 118
Gujarat 43
Telangana 41
Rajasthan 38
Uttar pradesh 37
Delhi 36
Panjab 33
Haryana 30
Tamilnadu 26
Ladakh 13
Jammu 11
Chandigarh 7
Uttrakhand 5
Bihar 4
Bengal 4
Odisha 2
Puducherry 1

it’s increasing on daily basis so we need to take care of our self and other also.

Don’t fear from corona fight against corona

We have some few steps for this corona epidemic are as below.

1.  Stay at your home.
2.  Maintain social distancing
3.   Wash your hand till 20 seconds
4.  Wash your hand when you came from out
5.  Use Tissue paper while coughing and immediately put that Tissue paper in the lid.
6.  Follow the lockdown rules
7.  Avoid crowded place
8.  Don’t put your dirty hand on face

over 21 thousand people has been death due to the corona virus. Today around 700 people has been death reason behind corona. Now a days Italy is more suffering from corona almost 4000 and more people are dead.

There are some people who don’t want to follow the rules

Look the way traffic police has requesting the people to stay home.

Today our government take some crucial steps have look :

Rs.1.7 lakh crore relief package

we also have to support our government so take a pledge we will not go out till 21 days. let’s fight from corona. you know The Mahabharata fight has been finished in 18 days but now we have to fight 21 days for corona epidemic.

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