HEADLINES ( Third of lockdown )

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1. Large number of corona virus patients in the country

last day corona patient was 649 but in next 24 hour become 724 it mean it has has been increased the number of 73 people day per day it is going to be  dangerous so aware from corona at stay at home.

Total no of  infected Recovered dead
724 66 17

2. America left china and Italy in the numbers of corona virus patient

Now world one the biggest country america left china and Italy in the numbers of corona virus. Now the number of corona patient in America has increased and it become around 86000 people it means in last 24 hour almost 15000 corona patient has increased

Total no of  infected dead
85000 & above 1334

3. WHO ( world health organization ) has big announcement.


Now who  has been cleared that for closing all alcohol and cigarettes shops . They told that the person who is smoking and drinking corona will easily catch him because his/her immunity power is low and we have to make our immunity to be strong when our immunity will strong then only we can fight from corona epidemic. So stay home stay safe.

4. Third of lockdown people came in market for buying vegetables.


The whole country people are requesting to maintain social distancing  but people are not ready to understand the situation. Look third day of lockdown people came in  market for buying vegetables and all.

5.  Death count is increasing on daily basis  in span and Italy

Italy and span is helpless the death count of people is increasing day per day in last 24 hour more then 1400 are dead due to corona epidemic.

6. Due to corona epidemic only in Europe there are more 15000 people are dead.

Due to corona  epidemic  there are 15000 people are dead in Europe in which Italy have 8165 , in span 4365 and in france 1696 people are dead there are don’t have any other reason only reason is corona  so keep clean your self and stay at home.

7. Don’t believe on the fake news

There are many people in our community , society who is spreading fake news on the media and other platform so, its an request to you keep it safe your self and stay at your home.  don’t trust on WhatsApp, facebook, fake news take precautions and take your doctor advice and if you getting any symptoms ( cough, fever , problem in inhale) of corona then immediately contact your family doctor.

8. Britain prime minister has been infected by corona pandemic.

Now britain prime Boris Johnson has been infected by corona pandemic day per day  it is going to be dangerous he is isolate his self .

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