what is flexibility and why we need it in our life ?

Absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints and lengthing muscles that cross the joints to induce a bending movement or motion flexibility varies between individuals particularly in terms of differences in muscle length of multi joint muscles flexibility and some joints can be increased to a certain degree by exercise with stretching a common exercise component to maintain or improve flexibility quality of life is enhanced by improving and maintaining a good range of motion in the joints overall flexibility should be developed with specific joint range of motion needs in mind as the individual joints vary from one to another loss of flexibility can be a predisposing factor for physical issues such as pain syndromes or balance disorders gender age and genetics are important for range of motion exercise including stretching often improves flexibility many factors are taken into account when establishing personal flexibility joint structure ligaments tendons muscles skin tissue injury fat or adipose tissue body temperature activity level agent gender all influence an individual’s range of motion about a joint individual body flexibility level is measured and calculated by performing a sit and reach test where the result is defined this personal flexibility score.


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Developing flexibility and mobility can be one of the most important components when it comes to learning new movements.

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1 Bound Angle.

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Angle also known commonly in gym class as the butterfly stretch you’re gonna put your feet together grab them lean forward the stretches out your groin.

2. Seated cross shin.
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Seated cross shin also known as sitting Indian-style you’re gonna cross your legs and you’re gonna lean forward trying to touch your elbows to the ground if you can’t you can just touch your hands this is really gonna target the IT band and the glutes in the leg that is crossed underneath be sure to cross both ways.
 3. Seated Straddle
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Developing flexibility for the flare you can go straight down the middle arch side to side or lean side to side this stretches out the hamstrings groin lower back number four if a pigeon bend one
4. Pigeon Variation
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You can arch your back or lean forward a lot of people like to arch the back up but I like to lean forward don’t push too hard into this stretch just relax and breathe into it this really helps stretch out the hip and really targets the IT band needed forward fold also
known as your basic sit and reach great.
5. Single leg seated forward fold
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stretch for targeting the back and the hamstrings remember to relax into it and breathe this can be quite uncomfortable but quite effective. All right bonus variation single leg
seated forward fold you can choose to bend one leg in and lean out towards the other this actually feels a little bit different than the double leg forward fold so I recommend switching it up every once in a while back to the list with six.
6. Saddle
The saddle at first you can choose to go just to your hands when you develop more flexibility you can go down to your elbows when you’re ready you can go all the way to your back remember to go slow though flexibility takes time to develop this really targets the quadriceps alright simple variation of this stretch which you can choose to do is put your toes down and lean back into it targeting the plantar fascia in the foot.
7. Downward Dog
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The downward dog you want to try to plant your heels on the ground keeping your legs straight and try to keep your back straight and arms straight this really targets the
hamstrings the lower back.
8. Downward Dog Calf
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Downward dog calf stretch if you bring one leg in you’ll actually stretch the cap now if you bend the knee you’ll actually stretch the soleus which is the deeper calf muscle another variation of the calf stretch you can do up against the wall now if you have the leg straight and it’ll stretch more of the gastrocnemius and if you bend the knee you’ll have more of the soleus being stretch both are Camp muscles so I recommend doing both.
10. Basic lungs
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Your basic lunge stretch where it really stretches the hip flexors on one side and the hip extensors on the other remember to both legs alright little bonus variation here if you dive deeper into your lunge bending more of your ankle you’ll actually really stretch the soleus muscle in that leg alright moving on with the lizard basically just like your basic line stretch but you’re gonna put your arms down to the side of your.
11. Frog
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Leg further opening hips the Frog developing hip and groin flexibility this is a great movement exactly what it looks like alright great for mobility and flexibility and also
decompressing the lower back believe it.
12. Deep Sumo Squat
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Deep sumo squat you’re going to allow yourself to sit in the squatting position try to keep your joint stacked your breathe allow the stretch to take place a lot of people like to have their back straight but I actually like to arch my back over.
13. Lying squat
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Moving on with a lying quad stretch basically a variation of the runners stretch standing up but you’re lying down I feel like this targets the quads a lot better than it does standing up however if you do want to stand up you can do this one the old-fashioned way just be sure to mine muscle stretch that quad out.
14. Basic Glute
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basic glute stretch this one is wonderful glute and the IT band cross the leg pull it over with the arms this next one is great for spinal mobility and preventing injury the cat-cow more of a mobile moving pose rather than a static stretch what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna arch your back and then hunched in and out you can do a number of reps I recommend about ten more spinal and back flexibility moving.
15. Sphinx
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On to the Sphinx this really helps stretch out the abdominal muscles now you can just go to your elbows if you’re not flexible enough but I recommend if you can pushing up trying to keep your spine evenly arch feeling the stretch in your abs now from the Sphinx we can go into the child’s pose this is great for stretching.
16. Childs
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This is great for stretching the other way extend your arms out as far as they go you’ll also feel a good stretch in the shoulders great stretch all right one of my other favorites the bridge stretch this one requires quite the flexibility I recommend working on the Sphinx before going totally here.
17. Bridge
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This one the partial bridge stretch helps develop anterior chain flexibility now a very relaxing yet effective.
18. Supine Twist
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Stretch the supine twist exactly what it looks like helps stretch out the spine and lateral trunk muscles remember always do both legs both sides keep it even moving on to the twisted cross helping stretch out the front delts the bicep and the chest arm down twist feeling the stretch in the front of the arm the neck often gets tight and/or is prone to injury that is why it is always a good idea to help stretch out the neck tissues side to side front to back you can choose to apply a little bit of pressure side to side and when you lean forward I would not recommend applying any pressure when you’re looking back however you can choose to bring your jaw up close your mouth that will further stretch out the front of the neck muscles your basic wrist stretch grab.
19. Wrist
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All your fingers arm out in front pull back you can also choose to do the kneeling wrist stretch hands down on the ground flip them around supinate them lean back wrists pull down stretch with your other arm grab your thumb pull your wrist down this helps stretch out the radio carpal joint of the wrist alright moving on.
20. Basic Biceps
With your basic bicep stretch bring your arm back as far as it can go and then supinate which means turn your palm up this really helps target the bicep you can choose to use a wall if necessary all righty here’s a great little variation bonus stretch mobility movement your basic arm circles I know they’re silly but these are really important and beneficial for developing flexibility mobility and warming up the shoulder joints which is one of the weakest joints in the whole entire body take care of your shoulders guys and girls do your arm circles hey if we’re gonna do arm circles why don’t we do wrist circles seriously really good for warming up the wrists and developing
wrist mobility as well all right getting fancy here with the Eagle what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna wrap one arm underneath the other this is gonna help.
21. Eagle
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Stretch out the post delts a little bit of the tricep if you don’t want to do this fancy junk you can just choose to have your arm out straight pull out your elbow.
22. Hand Hook
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little bonus this is like my favorite one that’s unconventional I call it the back pull cross your leg grab just beneath your knee and let your legs sink down I feel like this really helps stretch out the post delts the upper back the traps a little bit of rhomboids in my opinion that just really helps relieve tension in the upper back it’s a great stretch and no one really does it
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“Stay fit and live long”

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