Why people getting failed in Network Marketing

Just think about that business which is running since last 100 years And if we believe on the FICCI report then India direct selling may reach Rs 645 billion in 2025. Now the network marketing turnover in India is just 7,500 crore, just imagine how the speed is going to take in coming years.

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But the question is coming that why people are not  getting success in Network marketing ?

Why people are failed in network Marketing ?

Why people are quite the Network Marketing ?

why  people Condemnation about the network marketing ?

Here we are going to discuss about the above question & what is reason behind is ? we will discuss the things which  will help you to not do this type of mistake.

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Unrealistic Assumption

People are coming up with more and wrong expectations in network marketing. People are thinking that we are coming and we will start making money. If we think that it is not really your fault the people around you are giving you Giving incorrect information. There are many people who say that if you want to become a big man then in just 6 months or 1 year you will earn millions through this network marketing, in fact they are playing with you and your dreams. They never tell you the truth of whole network marketing, they only talk about money the whole time and everyone knows that where people hear about money, then they can easily get attracted because people can get more Wanting more money is a human psychology that is never telling me I don’t want money because now it is not possible to live without money and they are taking advantage of this. First you understand network marketing, what it is and how it works, then come into this business.

“They are taking money from your pocket and filling self pocket”

Just think about that business where you are investing in money, capital, office, manpower and many  more things then there you could get some results after 3 to 5 year and that is also not confirmed that you will get succeed or not.

And now come into the network marketing here you don’t need those things which you need in for startup of general small business. It’s only one thing that’s time if you time then it will give you more and you can learn more things from it.

It is the only business in the world where you do not need to invest anything, you have not set any working capital for this business, you do not need any manpower, in short if I may say here You don’t need anything except one thing and that’s the time.

Low entry cost so even non-serious people come in the business

This is a only one business where you can start your business with low cost that’s why anyone come into this business because of that this is only the good and bad thing of this business.

It is the only business in the world where you do not need to invest anything, you have not set any working capital for this business, you do not need any manpower, in short if I may say here You don’t need anything.

Zero exit cost so Quitting is easy

Why people easily quit network marketing ?

The only reason for leaving network marketing is that there is nothing wrong in leaving this business. If he invests something in network marketing, he gets value.

Let’s take an example:

A man who start a business in the market with paid up capital Rs 5 crore now he cannot take backup from the business if he take backup then his 5 crore will be become garbage. because of that he will never take backup from his business his money is stuck in that particular business.

There is no reason to stand in one place in network marketing for the reason that people easily give up this network marketing, the reason is that there is no loss of money in this business, that’s why people easily and without Thoughtfully, he leaves this beautiful business.

Working  with wrong people

It also happens that we are working with the wrong people or the wrong team. This is the most important feature, where people find a failure in network marketing, always check your upline about how he is speaking, how he is behaving, how he is doing the un handling, and many more things because the downline is always Follows his upline, someone has said that as the leader does, his team members also try to do it. If he is not able to understand about the network marketing to you then he is not great leader.

If your leader is always talking about money and money, then note that he is not a good leader, he is taking away his work from you. One day he will rob you by making you fool.

Lack of focus

This network marketing is a business in which you have to pay attention. Many such people will find you who understand the value of money when you do all the work in life by getting married and having children, then those people find it and intervene in this network marketing business and try to build business.

But now they have said time to give this business, now they will not get free time from their job wife children and home, so how will we pay attention in business, who ever paid attention and then say that brother business is not good. And we will also refuse the worst that I have seen it all happen, do not you also do it.

Brother it’s a simple matter
If you have planted a plant, then you need water sunlight fertilizer all these things, so unless you do not give all these things to that plant, then how can you expect that it will give you fruits in the future, it will not fade right now.

Not willing to learn the system

There are some great people in this market who have a habit of working in their own way. They do not like to run from the system, they will not have fun until they work in their own way. Network marketing is a business where if you do not work with the system, you can never succeed in it.

Like a chartered account, a doctor has a different system and they work with the same system only then a good chartered account or doctor can be made. Because if you give the work of an account to a tradesman, then he will work in his own way as he knows, or tell a teller to do the operation, brother, even if he comes to run a catch and needle thread, no one is like that , Will you also know why we feel safe while getting a doctor to do his operation because he has the skills to do that thing, he has studied it. That’s why we trust them easily without thinking.

3 things you must have if you want to succeed in network marketing

  1. You must have some dream for your family, for which you are ready to do something to get it.

  2. You must be willing to work hard

  3. You should be ready to work until you are successful.

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