90 days success formula in Network Marketing

90 days success formula in Network Marketing it sounds good right Actually it will work any type or any kind of business. This 90’s days ask to you for smart as well as hard work also there are many competitor big and huge competitor will get you in the each and every sector you need to do more hard as well as smart work at initial stage that will help you afterwards. And hey concentrate here I going tell very important line.

“They are  first but you have to become faster then first will automatically go down”

See there are 24 months  in the whole year but your starting 3 months will decide your  coming 9 month then how that will be go.

So, what you need to do is make your plan decide how would you want to live ?  whatever tricks I am going too share you that will only work  when you will work as per this plan I am truly telling you this method is designed after working with the thousand of people.

So, without any delay let’s discuss the 90’s days powerful  plan  first you need to set up your goal and develop your self first then all will automatically happen.

See the source image

  1. Set your income in coming 90 days 
  2. Decide how many members you want in coming 90 days in your team 
  3. What you want in  coming 90 days ( like smart phone , bike , laptop or anything as per your want )

Look this plan will work for experience as well as fresher also but it could be problematic for those people who are new in this industry it can be problematic not impossible and if you want to get succeed in the network marketing & with this plan then  you have to give 5 to 6 hour to this business and show only 2 and more plan in a single day and I think it is not very hard to take 2 plan in a single day if you are showing two plan then make sure that should be fully dedicated & try your 100% to duplicate it.  this will increase your confidence as a leader and if you work as like this then you will see your coming days will be automatically packed.

Now see, how it will work first divide the 90 days in each month like if you divide that then it will 30 , 30 , and 30 days.

In first 30 days ( 1 month ) you have to make your 10 duplication those who is hungry about his future and success like you & he should be ready to work if you are showing daily 2 plan then calculate  it,  it can be 60  plan in a month and it is not very tough to duplicate 10 people. And if you working according to this method you will see there are 10 members will add in your team in single month.

In the second months you do not have to create more duplication you have to only focus on your first 10 duplication if you motivate them daily then they will work for you take daily meeting of them see, if they work like you then in the second month only your team member will increase & it will be 100  ( 10Χ10=100 )

And in the third months if your team working hard & smart then you will see your team will be become a 1000.

The most important thing of this method is that whatever you are planning should be achieved. If you want to inspire your own daily, then just do one thing chart your dream or what you want to achieve in 90 days. And hang it on the wall of the hall.

And now the question coming that sir we don’t know any one then how can we duplicate 10 members then the answer is  whenever you join any network marketing then your upline always telling to make a  chart  of your contact list and divide that into 3 categories.

  1. Hot contact : In this contact come those people who  is your family , friends , relative and the person from you talking on daily basis.
  2.  Warn contact  : This is those contact which is get it from your family and team members and etc.
  3.  Cold contact : It is nothing but those contact which you get it from social media like facebook, Instagram and more.

Make sure that you don’t have to explain the company plan on phone  & your call length should be 2 to 3 minutes always fix an appointment.

Remember the initial result is small but later it becomes very large.

Let’s try to understand with an example : I give an example of two people in front of you, in which I give 10 crores rupees immediately to one and the other one rupees which will double for the next 1 month now after 1 month, let us see what happens

Days Condition A Condition B
1st Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 1
After 10 days Rs. 10 Crore Rs.512
After 20 days Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 5,24,288
After 31 days Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 1,07,3741,824

the initial result is small but later it becomes very large.

So, guys don’t demotivate by getting small result one day this small will definitely become very large. There are many people who get demotivate by getting small result why ?

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I hope you guys will get some help from this article If you want any types of trick related network marketing or anything so tell me by comment in the comment box.

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