Is lockdown going to be increase ? (Corona update)

Is there any chance to increase the lockdown period I short “yes” it could be Is people follow the rules of lockdown no people are not getting seriously everyday we are getting new new cases of breaking the lockdown.

What is the actual meaning of  lockdown ? i.e. each and every people have to stay at home and follow the social distancing  but these thing was not happen there are 6 days to left in lockdown but is we get the lockdown ?

Corona patients have increased due to workers’ migration and tabloid deposits. Today our Prime Minister Modi take conference and he said It will not be possible to remove it all of a sudden, a situation like national emergency in the country PM Modi said that it would not be possible to lift a lockdown suddenly. They said that they will see what they do next. Will come to take some hard decisions.

Total number of people infected Recovered Dead
5,734 473 166

PM modi told that,” In coming time I will again speak with CM’s ” But according to this situation it is not easy to lift  to the lockdown.

PM interacts with leaders of political parties

Apr.14 is the last date of down

Overall, it is considered a clear indication that lockdown can be increased. Please tell here that on April 11, PM Modi will once again talk to the Chief Ministers of the states. This meeting is very important because the last date of the entire lockdown that is going on in the country is April 14.

And Modi Appeal to the general people to download this Arogya Setu app From play store


America is world best country but now he is totally helpless there are 14 thousand and more people are lost his/her life only because of corona epidemic 4 lakhs above people are infected see the chart

Total number of people infected Dead Recovered
4,17,206 14,183 22,702

See now trump is saying thank to Our prime minister.


The pain that Italy is going through right now is the only public. The process of death in Italy has not stopped there are 17 thousand & above people are die due to corona epidemic see the chart.

Total number of people infected Dead Recovered
1,39,422 17,669 26,491


Spain is also defending Corona spain has left America among the dead from Corona there are 14,600 & above people are die see the chart

Total number of people infected Dead Recovered
1,46,690 14,673 48,021

Whole world

If we are going to see the whole world then there are 14.5 lakhs & above people are infected from corona 85 thousand & people are die

Total number of people infected Dead Recovered
1,464, 852 85,397 3,15,105

Tips to safe from corona

  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Wash your hand till 20 seconds
  3. Use Tissue paper while coughing and immediately put that Tissue paper in the lid..
  4. Avoid crowded place
  5. Don’t put your dirty hand on face
  6. Maintain social distancing
  7. Stay at your home.

Stay safe with your self

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