How to make mask at home ( DIY )

Mask requires absolutely no sewing no gluing nothing but a piece of fabric so I’m using a hairband but you can use really anything at all the CDC has recommended that tightly knit Cotton’s are your best option for at-home mask.2020-04-10 (1)

so again just have a hair band and to regular hair elastics you can also use regular rubber bands as well I can’t vouch for any possible hairs behind your ears they may rip out but that is an alternative okay gonna start by folding my bottom edge u about half way and fold one more time

so it goes towards the center same thing fold inwards and up one more time and so we’ve got our two panels meeting in the middle here and guys seriously this is so easy I’m gonna put one hair elastic on this side and scooch it up here about one-third of the way and same thing on the other side how much like a giant candy right now and all you’re gonna do is take these tail ends here and flip them and tuck them inside this little pocket we made I’m also gonna fold them one more time just looks a little bit smaller and go ahead and just tuck this and pull your elastic

I mean if you want you can totally add like a dot of glue or a stitch and get me on the other side I’m gonna fold it in and tuck it in until bit over and you have an extra layer of protection this is obviously the front of your mass and these are gonna tuck behind your ears so if you want you can go ahead and add a few stitches just here to hold your ends tucked in or a little bit of glue but there you have a DIY no-sew mask and the biggest thing that the CDC has recommended that the mask is tight so you can still breathe.

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