How do I protect my self from corona epidemic ?

People if you catch coronavirus it’ll be mild but for some coronavirus could be really serious these are mostly older people and people with underlying health conditions things like asthma diabetes and heart disease good news is you can protect yourself and the NHS says you should do these things even if you’re not likely to be seriously affected by coronavirus you may pass it on to someone who could be…

1. Wash your hand till 20 seconds

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Your hands more the more you wash your hands the less likely you are to spread the virus to other people so if you’ve been out in a public place on a bus or a train wash your hands as soon as you can afterwards and properly wash your hands so that takes about 20 seconds to get them really clean focusing on all parts of your hand not just your palm backs of hands around the nails in between the fingers wrists and your thumb and use soap and water and when you’re done turn the tap off using a tissue and put it in the bin antibacterial gels do work but soap and water is best.

2. Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth

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because that’s the way the virus could get into your body you can still touch your face but only if you’ve washed your hands before.

3. Catching your coughs and sneezes

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Experts think corona virus is spread by droplets that come out of your nose and mouth so when you sneeze or cough catch them with disposable tissues then binet and wash your hands.

Disposable tissues are better than handkerchief so that you carry around with you all the time if you don’t have a tissue sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow that way the germs are away from your hands and you’re less likely to pass them on unless you greet people using your elbow don’t touch things with your hands if you don’t have to the less you touch things like surfaces handrails lift buttons and less likely you are to catch the virus or indeed spread it on.

4. Stay away people from who ill

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If people are unwell don’t get too close to them the closer you get the more likely you are to catch something apart that you should go about your life as normal that means you should go to work go to school and see your friends unless you’ve been told not to by your doctor or the NHS 111 coronavirus service when it comes to traveling check with the Foreign Office before you plan to go now it’s important to say that there’s no evidence that you can catch corona virus from letters parcels or food and these things won’t work when it comes to treating corona virus UV light antibiotics garlic and saline solution as for masks they’re important when people are in very close contact with patients but there’s very little evidence that masks are helpful in everyday life if you’ve been coughing or you have a high temperature or you’re short of breath you may have the symptoms of corona virus but you don’t necessarily have corona virus but if you think you may do don’t go anywhere especially not the hospital pharmacy or doctors instead phone your doctor or use the online NHS 111 coronavirus service and there’ll be the ones who can tell you what you should do next.

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