Priti patel – ‘Sorry if people feel there have been failings’

Sit up with some powerful to the medical stuff I’m going to stop you mid-sentence because we can go straight over to Downing Street to where the Home Secretary is taking the podium good afternoon welcome to Downing Street for the government’s daily press conference on coronavirus.

Priti Patel standing in front of a birthday cake


I’m joined today by Martyn Hewitt chair of the national police chief Council and by Professor Steven powers I’d like to update you all on the government’s plan to fight this pandemic our priority is to slow the spread of coronavirus so that fewer people are sick at any one time and our brilliant NHS continues to remain abl to cope and to do this we are following the experts scientific and medical advice and taken the right steps at the right moment in time and that is why we are instructing people to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

I can report through the government’s ongoing monitoring and testing programme that as of 9:00 a.m. today there have been three hundred thousand and thirty four 974 thousand tests carried out across the UK excluding Northern Ireland off these seventy eight thousand nine hundred and ninety one people have tested positive twenty thousand one hundred and one patients are currently Hospital in Great Britain who have already tested positive sadly nine thousand eight hundred and seventy five people have now died an increase of 917 on yesterday.

As thisvirus continues to devastate families across our nation my thoughts prayers and heartfelt condolences are with their friends their families and their loved ones to everybody suffering from this horrific virus whether you are at home or receiving care from our brilliant NHS in hospital you are in all our thoughts at this devastating time and.

I’m very pleased to say that the Prime Minister continues to make good progress but these stark figures highlight the gravity of this national emergency the devastating impact of this virus and the unprecedented but necessary actions that we are taken to tackle it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives this virus is also changing the nature of the threat that we face from crime Martin and myself today will update you on the emerging crime picture and the extra work that the government along with law.

Enforcement partners is undertaken tobetter protect victims and Martin will set out that total crime has dropped as people follow the necessary advice to stay at home but while the guidelines are helping to keep the majority of us safe they also amplified danger for others leaving people feeling vulnerable isolated and exposed because criminal criminality also continues to adapt fraudsters are exploiting coronavirus as a hook for new acquisitive crimes with losses to victims already exceeding 1.8 million pounds and the perpetrators of sickening online child abuse seeking to exploit the fact that more and more anyone in immediate danger should call 999 and press five five on a mobile. 

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