PM Modi may announce to increase lockdown tomorrow, increase in corona cases in the country.

Now the number of corona patient has been increased at 9352 and from that there are 324 people dead  980 people are recovered from corona.

Coronavirus Lockdown: pm narendra modi will address the country over COVID 19

1.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation tomorrow at 10 am. During this corona pandemic this is a third address of Narendra Modi people are believing that tomorrow Mr. Modi can increase the period of lockdown It can become till 30 April 2020. Prime minister Modi want that they start  the essential services during this corona pandemic. The Prime Minister wants that more exemption should be given by following social distancing for harvesting crops in the village.

2.Today evening at almost 4 pm India’s health minister announced that in last 24 hour 796 corona patient came forward and 35 people are dead The ministry also gave a relief news. So far 980 people have recovered. 141 people recovered in a day. Talking about the total cases of COVID-19, there are 9352 and out of these 324 people have died.

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3. The first consignment of Corona virus testing kit from China is expected to reach India on 15 April. The government gave information about this today. ICMR officer R Gangakhedkar said that more than two lakh investigations have been done so far. We have enough reserves to continue the test for the next six weeks. According to the Health Ministry, no new cases have been reported in the last 14 days in the 25 districts of the fifteen states where the first cases were reported.

Talking about the states

the most cases have come from Maharashtra. 1985 people have been hit by Corona here. Of these, 217 people have recovered and 149 people have died. 427 in Andhra Pradesh, 11 in Andaman and Nicobar, one in Arunachal Pradesh, 29 in Assam, 64 in Bihar, 21 in Chandigarh, 31 in Chhattisgarh, 1154 in Delhi, 7 in Goa, 516 in Gujarat, 185 in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh 32, 245 in Jammu and Kashmir, 19 in Jharkhand, 232 in Karnataka, 376 in Kerala, 15 in Ladakh, 564 in Madhya Pradesh, 2 in Manipur, one in Mizoram, 54 in Odisha, 7 in Puducherry, 151 in Punjab, Rajasthan. 804, Tamil Nadu 1043, Telangana 504, T 2 patients have been found infected with corona virus in Tripura, 35 in Uttarakhand, 483 in Uttar Pradesh and 152 in West Bengal.

Tips to safe from corona

  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Wash your hand till 20 seconds
  3. Use Tissue paper while coughing and immediately put that Tissue paper in the lid..
  4. Avoid crowded place
  5. Don’t put your dirty hand on face
  6. Maintain social distancing
  7. Stay at your home.

# Stay safe stay safe #

For more and latest update welcome you.



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