Corona vaccine is made by an Indian company Patanjali and a vaccine named by Divya coronil kit just Rs.535?

Swami Ramdev who is an Indian yoga guru and he has also owned one company i. e. Patanjali which salling purely Ayurveda products to its customer.

While going to this corona pandemic high time there is nobody can stop this epidemic. Till now there is one country that can make the corona vaccine.

But if this experiment has been successful then India becomes the first country that can save the world.

Swami Ramdev told in his conference that this coronil vaccine can kill almost 70 % of corona in 3 days and the patient will fit and fully recovered from corona in 7 days.

Coronil: Patanjali claims Covid medicine 'Coronil'; Centre seeks ...

Baba Ramdev launched three medicines of coronavirus. An inhaled butte, divine coronil tablets, and mole oil.

Use them together. The Placebo Clinical Control Trial was conducted for upwards of 100 people. They are all in the age group of 15 to 65.

In this, 69 percent of the patients have been positive from positive in three days. All the scientific parameters have been taken care of while preparing the medicine.

The second trial will soon be done on critical patients. Anunasic oil is also included in Corona’s medicine.
By putting these three to five drops in the nose, the effect of corona in the respiratory tract is eliminated and carried to the stomach.

Baba Ramdev told that this drug also controls blood pressure, heartbeat, and pulse. Baba Ramdev claims a successful trial of the medical drug Coronil.

69 percent of patients were freed from Corona in three days. The trial was done on a hundred people, the report came negative in seven days.
This medicine strengthens the respiratory system, which does not affect the corona infection. Along with this, the drug also controls colds and fever.

Know the main ingredients involved in medicine.

The main components of the medicine will be Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, Shvasari Juice, and Molecule Oil.

Their mixture and proportion have been determined according to research so that it completely eradicates the effects of coronavirus.

Not only this, but regular use of it also does not allow a person to get corona infected.

Know how medicine works

Acharya Balakrishna explained that Ashwagandha does not allow the RBD of the coronavirus to meet the ACE of the human body, allowing the coronavirus to enter the healthy cells of the infected human body.

Giloy also acts like ashwagandha and prevents infection from occurring. Tulsi’s compound not only stops the rate of increasing the coefficient by attacking the RNA-polymerase of the corona,

but its continuous intake also kills it. Respiratory juice prevents the formation of thick mucus and reduces inflammation of the lungs by eliminating mucus. Similarly, atomic oil can be used as a nasal drop.

But ICMR not gave permission to advertise in the market.  Swami Ramdev was told that he took all the ethical permission from the central government.
After the company’s unique Corona Kit started trending on social media, ICMR stepped in, asking the makers to put a halt on the marketing of the drug and asked them to prove its efficacy first.
Interestingly, the drug is still in the clinical trial stage, with studies being done in 12 centers across India.

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