WordPress for beginner 2020

If you want to create a blog or website, then this blog is for you.

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Do you want to make a WordPress website? step-by-step with no steps skipped and  WordPress is by far the most popular way to make a website in the entire world According to the report, 30% of websites are made on WordPress only.

WordPress is by far the most popular way to make a website in the entire world it’s used by people like Sony ups GM best Buy the New York Times Jay Z and Katy Perry making a website has never been easier you just get your domain name and hosting install WordPress login it.

Then choose the website that you want to import there are so many different options there’s probably one that’s super close to the business that you want to start.

once you find it then just click import after you do that you can literally change anything from the text to the font to the background of the images you can even put in a video background if you want you can change columns and rearrange them you can delete columns you can add animations you can insert videos you can undo and you can add buttons you can change the spacing you can add pages and delete.

Pages you can upload your own logo or I can show you how to make one you can rearrange the menu in add a contact form you can literally make it look like any website that you want it to look like.

WordPress is a totally free platform where you can any types of website or blog

For example: E-commerce, fashion blog travel blog and many more websites you can make withing a few minutes.

For making one peaceful website what things you need?

You just need a niche, platform, domain, and hosting.

First, you need to select a proper niche for your blog. Niche means on which topic would you want to start a blog or website.

Suggested Read: find a proper niche for your blog. find a proper niche for your blog. 

Suggested Read: find the perfect domain and hosting for your blog

Earlier I already explain to you how to buy a domain and hosting for your blog or website.

Believe me guys you can’t learn all those things in a single day it will take some time to learn all things.

So, because of that, I will advise you that at the starting stage always go for the free version.

The reason behind this is that everyone shares their personal experience, it is not necessary that what is good for them is also good for you.

There are many successful bloggers Guidblogging, Shoutmeloud, also advised that always learn first do not go for any investment without knowledge in any sector.

Once you buy the domain and hosting then instal the WordPress you can easily download it from bluehost also or you download by its website WordPress.com

And only WordPress and bluehost I am recommending to you?

WordPress and

After installation of WordPress you need to be customize your WordPress for your website.
When you open the WordPress then you will get new pages where you ask for your website or blog category so need to be choose as per your want.
If you install WordPress from then you will that bluehost directly get you to the WordPress dashboard.
Where you can write your blog on daily or weekly basis you can easily handle you blog from WordPress.
Choose a proper theme pluggin then you can start writing your blog on WordPress.


Guys it very easy to excess then other once you learn those things then you can easily tackle.

Always remember that you need to maintain the continuity on blog do not leave it by writing one  blog.

Keep writing and keep moving then in some you will get the result also.

And tell how much you like this article and on which topic you are going to start your blog tell me in the below comment box. 


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