Top 5 free unbeatable themes for beginners 2020

Are you tired of looking for the best WordPress themes now you have come to the right place?

Top 10 WordPress theme for free (2)
Then you are on the writing platform where I ‘m going to tell you 10 top free themes for your website which will be absolutely free.
because there are some people, who do not want to invest their money into theme reason behind is at the starting stage they do not have more experience with the theme.

Then you are on the writing platform here I ‘m going to tell you 10 top free themes for your website which will be absolutely free.

I promise you if you read this article from start to finish you will find a wordpress theme that works for your website.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re in we’ll be talking about e-commerce real estate business etc so keep on this video and I promise you.

you will find a theme that is perfect for your websites.

Stay tuned.

  1. Flotsam theme

Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme by UX-themes

The theme now the flotsam theme is geared more specifically for e-commerce now I have taught complete beginners who know nothing about making websites how to use flat sum and people loved it now this comes with a drag-and-drop builder it has tons of positive reviews and they have tons and tons of demos and templates.

Amazing Theme with perfect User Experience

Flatsome is the perfect theme for your shop or company website, or for all your client websites if you are an agency or freelancer.

It got all the tools needs to create super fast responsive websites with amazing user experience. It got unlimited options and a revolutionary responsive page builder, so you can create anything without coding.

So here’s an example of some of their shop demos right here so you can see there are a lot of beautiful demos.


here flatsome have many feature where you can easily use and customize your site beautifully.

Main feature

Now one thing I want to point out that makes this theme kind of stand out from other e-commerce theme is the flat sound library designing a website from scratch can be very difficult but when you have sections that are pre-built that are made specifically for e-commerce it is hard to beat that.

Now I’m gonna actually give you a website that someone actually watched one of my videos and is now selling online and internationally by simply using the flotsam theme.

And this person doesn’t know anything about web design so this is an example of someone who actually watched one of my articles and is now making money right now on the Internet with the flotsam theme it’s a great theme and I find that people just
love it.

I mean it’s simple it’s easy to use it’s clean the page speed is amazing it’s really really fast so if you’re looking to build an e-commerce website or just some ordinary websites this is the theme for you I highly recommend it so make sure to check out the flotsam theme.

2. Divi

Screenshot (5)

Divi and Davi is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world there is no other theme out there with more purchases and active installs than this theme now let me explain why so this theme is a full drag-and-drop builder this is the easiest page below to learn on this entire list so let’s the say, for instance, you want to add in some text you know is amazing.

Screenshot (6)

Unfortunately but this theme actually has a full life plan so that means if you buy it once you never have to pay for it ever again and I do have a special 20% discount in the description below so that is not enough for you to buy it then well we’ve got other things to talk about but again Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world.

And one more important thing that I want to tell you guys that here you can build your pages visually.

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (8)

Divi has imaging feature that you can incredibly design and customize your website.

With Divi, every part of your website is customizable and you have complete freedom to create the perfect website for your client you can easily change the color font and text style and you can also animate here.

Screenshot (9)Screenshot (10)Screenshot (11)

Screenshot (12)
divi feature

Divi is for everyone here you can easily promote anything whatever would you want you can take paid promotion also and if you want to sell something then you can sell through your website with amazing creative feature.

And if you are going to see then there are 701,600 customers are already built there amazing website.

3. Astra

Screenshot (13)

His right here I think is tied with Ocean IVP as far as popularity goes so this is probably one of the top two most installed WordPress themes free WordPress themes of all time now I do have a tutorial on how to make a website with this theme.

Now I think what attracts most people to this theme the most is not the features of this theme is the starter websites.

I’ll just be very honest guys that brain force don’t hate me but let’s just be honest I think that you guys have a great designer and I think people probably choose this theme for the templates and not really for the features but that’s just my personal opinion you know but let’s go ahead and talk about that before this I mean email and yell I mean so here we have a photography layout really clean designs I mean just by looking at these designs.

Screenshot (14)

Astra have readymade website demos also where you can go and customize your website.

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So for those of you who live in Asia or high-end right the United States uses high-end age’ uses the word high so which is called high society it’s weird it’s like the people who think they’re high up use that term here it’s this route.

Screenshot (15)Screenshot (16)Screenshot (17)Screenshot (18)

Screenshot (19)
Amazing templates

I’m in Thailand right now and I’ve heard it I’m like what the hell you guys talking about like what does high so you know but again these are just great great templates.

Screenshot (20)

You can create all of your pages the menus with the header and the footer etc so it’s extremely convenient and if you have a client like let’s say for instance you have a client who’s an I don’t know a physical therapist and or a therapist or oh no no no not a therapist a life coach and I think those are people who are too lazy to get a psychology degree.

Screenshot (21)

you can see here the speed of the astra it is very cool theme to the newbie.

4. OceanWp

Screenshot (22)

Oceanwp is the one the best theme for WordPress biggennner. 

You can use it for multiple purpose like whatever you want. This is extremely easy and it makes your website beautiful and easier to control.

Here you can easily see the review of this theme people are already told that and I also personally used this theme it is much better faster than others.

And it got 5 ⭐ratings on WordPress.

It has more live demos also if you want to see then you can easily see.

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Why people and I love this oceanwp theme?

Screenshot (23)

Fully responsive and Your website will look great, even on mobile and tablet screens.

OceanWP gets the highest grade in most of the top speed testing tools Build an awesome e-commerce website with WooCommerce We have built the theme with SEO best practices in mind.

OceanWP supports RTL languages and can be translated in your own language Got an issue? OceanWP comes with outstanding and lightning-fast support.

See there are some extension of this theme.

Screenshot (24)

Do you want an easy way to build and customize your WordPress site? That’s where drag and drop WordPress.

Screenshot (25)
page builder plugins come in handy. OceanWP is designed to work with the best page builders in the market.

5. Hestia

Screenshot (26)

Hestia theme is for professional bloggers it fits for creative business, small business, startups, corporate businesses, online agencies and firms, portfolios, ecommerce (WooCommerce), and freelancers.

If you want to make a good startup then this theme is great selection for your website.

Hestia comes with two plugins that will give you free access to useful functionalities like Social Sharing, Menu Icons, Analytics, Website Monitoring, Forms and much more.

Screenshot (27)

here you can see if you want to sell something then you can see how it will look.

Screenshot (28)

Hestia have team also they will help you if have any kind of problem during customization of your particular website they have founder, Ghraphic designer, web designer also they will completely help you.

Screenshot (29)

The Header of your website is one of the most important element your visitors will see and use. Each theme in this video has options in the customize to change the look and alignment of the header area, but only Hestia comes with the sticky header as a default option for free.


I hope you guys will definitely find your theme from above themes.

select your perfect theme for your website and tell in the comment box.

Whatever topics I suggested to you, the best topics, which will help you to make your website easy and beautiful are SEO optimized topics.

if you want any kind of help then tell me in the comment box definitely I will help you guys.

bub bye.. !

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